3 companies turn modern luxuries into clean water

For many of us, the little comforts of everyday life include a piping-hot cup of coffee to kickstart the morning, or a glass of Merlot at the end of a tough day in the office. But there are countless places around the world where a simple glass of clean, drinkable water is considered a luxury.

The facts about the availability of sanitary water in underdeveloped nations are mind-boggling — and even domestically in the U.S., the numbers are grim. In Africa alone, more than 358 million people are without access to safe, drinkable water; that number jumps to more than 750 million globally.

But a slew of non-profits, individuals and companies are aiming to make an impact on these disheartening statistics, turning the modern luxuries many of us take for granted into clean drinking water for those in need around the world. Below are three such companies that deserve your support.

1. Wine To Water

The Wine To Water website explains, “Wine symbolizes wealth, celebration and community in Western culture.” Juxtapose this symbol of opulence with the fact that globally, nearly 2.5 billion people lack access to sufficient sanitation, and the basis behind Wine To Water’s mission becomes clear: For each bottle of wine the company sells, it donates clean water to a recipient in need for one calendar year.


There are three ways to support the organization: donating money, volunteering for it or starting your own campaign to raise awareness and donations for the cause.

A few recent, heartwarming success stories made possible by the organization include this couple’s decision to serve Wine To Water at their upcoming wedding reception, this campaign to bring much-needed relief to Nepal in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes and this recent, Wine-To-Water-sponsored service trip to Honduras.

Other ways supporters can raise awareness include hosting a wine tasting event or fundraising for and running in a local 5K. Wine To Water offers six varietals of privately labeled wine and ships to 47 states and Washington, D.C. in the U.S.

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Source: Mashable

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