Andy Warhol Work Showcased in Miami Design District Exhibit

Americans live in a social media age where celebrities are worshiped. This image is everything attitude was the subject matter of one of the twentieth century’s most popular artists, Andy Warhol. Warhol was an artist whose image complete with an outlandish wig was considered part of his persona. Like others whose image he admired, he, too, became an icon. Warhol took popular images and icons and turned them into mass produced art.Andy Warhol’s subjects included Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Campbell’s Soup Cans, and Cadillac Cars were existing motifs that he found important as subject matter.

The Miami Design District recently hosted an exhibit titled “Letters to Andy Warhol”. The ten-day show was held at the Palm Court and had featured letters from other celebrities such as singer, Mick Jagger, writer Truman Capote, and fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent.

In celebration of the opening of the exhibit, a VIP dinner was hosted by Jackie Soffer, her husband Craig Robins, and Patrick Moore. The dinner was attended by Miami’s newly emerging art crowd and included Jorge and Darlene Perez, Ines Rivero, Barbara Becker, Jonathan and Criselda Breene among others.
The Palm Court is the focal point of the Miami Design District located at 140 NE 39th Street. It has been an important source for art and design in the Miami area for decades.

This Miami art show and the work of Andy Warhol prove that our culture has a fascination for the famous. Warhol became a celebrity artist and his studio, “The Factory” became a personal playground for his art production and his entire life.

Warhol’s artwork remains interesting, and any show of his work gives patrons opportunities to think and discuss the relevance of this man’s work when compared to the work of other American artists. He had a humanism that was fully stated in his work, especially by the motifs he chose. He once remarked how a Coca-Cola is the same when being consumed by the millionaire, the average man, and the hobo. It is an example of something of value being shared by different levels of people. His art proved that life is an art gallery and each of us is a painting hung on a wall.

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