Apple iPhone New Releases

Apple iPhone New Releases

On the morning of August 28th, Apple invited the media for its last annual fall product release slated for Thursday, September 9th. The event took place at the Flint Center for Performing Arts in Cupertino, California. Before the event, Joshua Brustein of Bloomberg’s Businessweek reports that the grapevine had already heard that two iPhones with 5.5 and 4.7 inch screens would be released. Other reports indicate, that it took only a few hours for funs to approve of the new iPhone 6 Plus. Apple started taking online iPhone 6 Plus pre-orders last Friday for the September 19 delivery; the release took place even as Apple warned of a 3 to 4 week delay in the sleek 5.5-inch iPhone 6 plus delivery.

iPhone 6; Brawn
iPhone 6 uses an A-8 Processor, which makes it only the second 64-bit chipset to be unveiled by Apple thus far. The phone uses an M8 Co-Processor which incorporates some new and interesting sensor tricks that is designed to match the market trends. Industry watchers say that iPhone 6 batteries can last up to 10-hours more compared to the 3G and 4G LTE phone series. The new breed iPhone 6 is also set to allow up to 150Mbps in download speeds. The Wi-Fi speeds are actually three times faster compared to that of the iPhone 5.

Wide Screen
The new smaller and smarter iPhone 6 breaks away from the traditional 4-inch screen into a much larger screen 4.7 inch screen. The phone features a new Retina display dubbed “Retina HD”. It retains the standard 326ppi density with a high resolution of 1,334 x 750-pixels; this is, however, slightly lower compared to a pixel density set at 1080p HD display offered in the new iPhone 6 plus. Businessweek reports that the number of big screen phone enthusiasts is steadily rising; statistics indicate that up to 6% of mobile users as of January 2014 used phones with screens larger than 5-inches.

Video and Camera
iPhone6 is fitted with an 8-megapixel iSight camera designed to lower the focus time. The Panorama mode can capture up to 43 megapixels using the phone’s inbuilt 5-element lens that can detect smile and face. The burst mode auto-pick feature uses an advanced algorithm matrix that can choose the best photo from a string of similar photos. iPhone 6 also features a digital image stabilizer; however, if you want a phone with an optical image stabilizer you will have to go for the new iPhone 6 Plus.

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