Beautiful Places to Visit in the Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands consist of 3 islands. They are in the British Overseas Territory. The main and largest island is Grand Cayman known for its beautiful beaches. The second largest is Cayman Brac known for great deep-sea fishing. Little Cayman, the smallest of the islands is known for its diverse wildlife.

Celebrities and Tourists Together

Celebrities and VIP’s often visit the Cayman Islands on their downtimes and enjoy the escape from the paparazzi news coverage. Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Travolta, Kenneth, and Cameron Diaz are a few famous people who have been seen training at the Powerhouse Gym on the Grand Cayman Island. The Ritz-Carlton has hosted such famous people as the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, for the KPMG Legends Tennis Tournament opening.

Steven and Alex Gerrard spent an enjoyable honeymoon on Treasure Island and Taylor Swift caused a bit of excitement when she visited the Cayman Islands for relaxation. Alicia Keys and John Legend have performed live at the Jazz Festival in the Cayman Islands.

Taylor Swift visits the Tukka restaurant with her mother, father and brother, in peace. The staff at the bar and restaurant give them extra attention, but they respected her privacy while she was vacationing. Celebrities enjoy the Cayman Islands because they can be relatively incognito on the islands.

Great Attractions

Auguilla is a tiny island with white sand beaches, great dining and luxury villas and resorts. Howard Stern, Liam Neeson and Sandra Bullock all enjoy the peace and quiet of Auguilla.

Stingray City is a popular attraction. They have 3 hour tours both in the morning and the afternoon. It is only accessible by boat or other watercraft. It is the home to many stingrays who are free swimming in the shallow clear water. The tour also visits a Barrier Reef or Coral Gardens for great snorkeling.

Exciting Submarine Excursion

Atlantis Submarine Expedition on the Grand Cayman is an adventure you will never forget. The journey takes you on a real submarine beneath the sea. The Atlantis XI submarine was designed for sightseeing excursions underwater. They will take you down to see colorful snapper, sponges, grouper and other creatures like coral or turtles. The evening tours are a dramatic experience that everyone enjoys.

Above and Under the Water

Receiving “The Caribbean’s Best Beach” honor is Seven Mile Beach. Known for its beauty as a long crescent shape and coral sand, celebrities and vacationers enjoy sunning and the great tropical waters. Just south of this beautiful beach is Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto. These underwater mazes are filled with silversides, barracuda, parrotfish and tarpon for those who love diving underwater.

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