The Best Places to Live if You Collect Art in Miami

If you live in Florida and collect art, Miami is the place to be. With the city’s rich cultural and artistic diversity, Miami attracts art collectors from all around the world looking to add works to their collections. The amount of artists, exhibitions, and fellow art lovers in and around the city has led many collectors to make their home in Miami. Celebrity collectors, like Pharrell Williams and George Lindemann, have taken up residence in Miami while other famous art collectors, like Beyoncé and Jay Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt visit the city often in search of new works. Below, we’ll take a short look at four of the best places in the city to settle down if you’re committed to your Miami art collection.

Design District

Miami’s Design District is the city’s nucleus for art and design. Going through a radical revitalization since the late ’80s, the area now serves as home to a multitude of artists, art workshops, and galleries. A plethora of different opportunities abound in the Design District for art collectors including interior decorating stores, antique shops, and many more businesses devoted to design, art, and architecture.

North Miami

Home to the Rubell Family Collection as well as the Contemporary Art Foundation, North Miami is possibly the most historic site in Miami for art collectors. George Lindemann, board president for the Bass Museum of Art, began buying properties in North Miami in the 90s to showcase and share his massive art collection with the city and the world. Today, North Miami is a sanctuary for art collectors of all kinds.

City Center

One of the most frequented areas for celebrity collectors like Brad Pitt, Toby Maguire, and Jay Z, Miami’s City Center is home to the international Art Basel Convention and Art Fair in the United States. Raising visibility and notoriety for many different Miami based artists, the Art Basel Fair has been a staple of the Miami art scene since 2002. Taking place in December of every year, the convention has helped establish Miami’s City Center as a cultural and artistic hub in the city.

Art Deco District

This historic and cultural epicenter in Miami’s South Beach is home to some of the oldest architectural landmarks in the city. If you are a purveyor of fine classic art, the Art Deco District is the perfect Miami spot to call home. As the largest concentration of 20s and 30s architecture worldwide, the Art Deco District claims visitors and residents alike that revel in different styles of retro-art in Miami.

As a full time and part time residence for many different art collectors, Miami’s cultural diversity and eclectic artistic environment are the perfect ingredients to make up one of the world’s biggest and most famous locations for collecting different types of art. With several different celebrity art collectors descending on the city every year in search of new works for their collections, it’s easy to see that Miami is one of the biggest culturally accessible cities in the United States. If you’re an art collector and considering taking up residence in Miami, these four districts make up the best of the best as far as Florida’s artistic oasis.

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