Billionaires That Live In NYC, and What They Own

There are several billionaires who reside in New York City. One of these wealthy individuals is Mr. Anthony Malkin. He is a very influential real estate magnate who is currently investing in rebuilding and modernizing the infrastructure of many buildings in New York City.

He is the President, CEO, and Chairman of the Empire State Realty Trust. This corporation owns the iconic Empire State Building. Millions of dollars have been spent to renovate the structure into a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly building. In 2011 they were awarded a gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) rating. This makes the Empire State Building the tallest structure in the world with this certification.

Anthony Malkin graduated from Harvard with cum laude honors in 1985. From there he joined Chemical Venture Partners, L.P. In 1987 he married Shelly Belfer, a daughter of Enron Petroleum director, Robert A. Belfer. Today he is estimated to be worth 10 billion dollars. He is a real estate genius who owns and operates Malkin Holdings, LLC. Born into a Jewish family, Tony Malkin is the fourth generation of real estate professionals. His father Peter Malkin also graduated from Harvard University with honors. He founded Malkin Holdings, LLC. with his father-in-law Lawrence Wien.

The Malkin Properties is a real estate company who maintains upscale apartment complexes located in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Virginia. Their primary business ethic is to uphold trust by committing to long term relationships with lenders, investors, and residents.

Mr. Malkin wears many hats within the business, educational, and philanthropic communities. Tony Malkin is a member of the Advisory Council of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. This is an important scientific collaborative whose primary goal is to study cell biology to develop new cures for diseases. He is a board member of Greenwood Resources, a company that manages forestry sustainability. He serves on the board in an advisory capacity for the Mission Point Capital Partners. He is an upstanding member of the Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy. Mr. Malkin is a popular guest lecturer on topics of real estate and business at the McIntire School of Commerce located at the University of Virginia.

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