How You Can Make a Difference in The World

Three Innovative Fundraiser Platforms That Can Help You Make a Difference in the World

Engaging donors to step forward and support a worthy cause takes effort. If you hope to have a successful fundraiser, you should seek the insightful assistance of an innovative fundraising platform. Here are three that can show you how to make a difference in the world.


Producing a successful fundraising campaign to raise the necessary funds to back a serious cause for yourself, or someone you love is the heart of the GiveForward model. GiveForward listens to the people who have coordinated profitable fundraising efforts.
They have a useful set of 17 tested suggestions to boost the chances that you will be able to realize your goal. GiveForward’s team promotes creative fundraising diversity. Through their innovative techniques, the GiveForward fundraising model has helped a young father of two in his fight to raise money to fight his Stage II Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief USA has helped over 80,000 users raise over 14 million dollars. The LaunchGood project platform has supported 1,500 projects, in over 77 different countries. LaunchGood has helped raise money to support noble causes like refugee relief, providing aid to the victims of the Quebec Mosque shooting and helping special-needs students learn Islam.
Two intriguing projects are over 90% complete, with new objectives starting every week. Rahaf Khatib never believed her dream to run in the Boston Marathon would become a reality. Through the LaunchGood program of Islamic Relief USA, the Michigan native and daughter of immigrant parents is less than a $1,000 from realizing that dream. Funds generated by this fundraiser are gifted to the Syrian American Refugee Network (SARN), offering hope to refugees.


If social impact is your aim, Classy is one of the most successful fundraising stages you can use. Millions of people have managed over 300,000 different crusades helping to fund thousands of worthy causes. The Classy plans range from health-related models to educational enrichment designs.
Customers use Classy to challenge some the most important causes in the world. With over 180 on staff, this fundraising platform has raised hundreds of millions of dollars since its first successful project in 2011. From their first event, the ‘StayClassy Charity Pub Crawl’ in San Diego, Classy has provided the hands-on support you need to make your fundraiser a triumphant hit.
These three trustworthy fundraising platforms help generate the financial support, your cause needs to become a reality. They will help you plan and orchestrate entertaining events that engage your donors, ensuring you reach your goals.

How You Can Make a Difference in The World: Islamic Relief, Classy, Giveforward

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