Celebrities That Have Been Seen In the Miami, Florida Area

Are you someone that likes to see or meet celebrities? There are many people just like you that really enjoy it. You should know that they love to visit the state of Florida, because they are so happy with the weather there. Celebrities love to visit Miami in Florida. Here are some of the celebrities that have been sighted, and where they were at in Miami, and you too can run into them:

Christian Slater – You can spot him at the Delano Hotel. He likes to visit the area, especially for the bars in South Beach.

The Kardashians – When you are at Dash, a boutique, you might get to see one or all of the Kardashians. They love this store, because it offers hip fashions.

Shaquille O’Neal – Visiting on Biscayne Bay, Shaquille likes Star Island. It is a favorite place to go.

Don Johnson – Another lover of Star Beach. Catch a glimpse of him enjoying the sunshine.

Gloria Estefan – At Star Beach, you can find her. She loves the area.

Leonardo DiCaprio – You might see him at the nightclub, Live. It is Fontainebleau, Miami.

Ryan Seacrest – You will see him at the Shore Club Hotel. This is the place he goes to stay cool, when it is hot in Miami.

Craig Robins – You’ll see him walking the streets of Miami Design District.

Many celebrities live in the Miami area, and if they don’t they enjoy visiting it for all that it offers to them. They come to the Sunshine State to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the wonderful beaches and the great atmosphere, and of course, all the hotels and nightclubs that are all over the area. You will have no problem running into one of the celebrities when you get out and about in Miami. There are so many places that they go to, and they enjoy it all.

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