Celebrities Spotted in the Miami Florida Design District

The tourists who visit Miami’s famed “Design District,” often comment about spotting Craig Robins, George Clooney, Donald Trump or Beyoncé coming out of this trending Buena Vista neighborhood. In fact, there seems to be no end to the number and variety of celebrities that visit this historic section of Miami, Florida. After all, this Design District has attracted Hollywood movie stars, musicians and other entertainment stars for decades.

Miami’s Design District beckons stars

There is a local joke along North 43rd Street and West First Avenue in Miami’s Design District that says “if you don’t spot a star tonight, you must be blind.” For instance, on any given night, this highly charged Miami neighborhood features overflowing restaurants, night clubs and cafes that are literally packed with the who’s who in today’s “celebrity” realm. As for what is attracting so many of Hollywood’s best and brightest, the answer seems to be the district’s 140 art galleries, trending bars and eateries, and dozens of high-luxury fashion shops.

Designing haunts for celebrities

There is a view in Miami’s historic 1920s era Buena Vista neighborhood region known as the “Design District,” that this part of town was literally “made for celebrities to shop and play.” After all, there is so much bling and high-end everything here that tourists are often seen mumbling to themselves after having a close encounter with Madonna or Sylvester Stallone coming out of an award-winning restaurant or even a hopping pizzeria.

Design District celebrity hot spots include:

– The Cypress Tavern
– Paradise Plaza
– Buena Vista wine and chocolate eateries
– Seven Lounge
– The Embassy
– Gavanna
– Harry’s Pizzeria
– Laduree
– Lemoni Café
– MC Kitchen
– Ella
– Adamar Fine Art
– Maman Fine Art
– Opera Gallery
– Swanpspace

In general, there is a lot to do and see in the Design District; including the fine art of spotting celebrities as they mingle with everyday tourists.

Enjoying the district and Miami lifestyle

The Miami Design District is not only a great place to mingle with all types of celebrities, it is also a cool region of the city to savor the old Miami feeling that made this district what it is today. For instance, the district has a true laid-back and friendly vibe that attracts all sorts of celebrities and everyday tourists. According to a longtime resident of the district, most people are focused on promoting the local tourism and hospitality industry and that means “treating everyone the same.”

Overall, the great thing about visiting Miami’s Design District is spotting celebrities; while also having a blast as an everyday tourist who also “feels” like a visiting celebrity.

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