Derek Jeter Honored at Yankee Stadium

Derek Jeter Honored at Yankee Stadium

Earlier this month, the New York Yankees held a ceremony to honor one of their all-time great players, Derek Jeter. Jeter is rounding third on his final season as a Yankee, and an MLB player, and the team wanted to ensure that they sent him out with the appreciation and respect he deserved.

Although it was not his last scheduled game at Yankee Stadium, the day was set aside to ensure the captain of the team was given a proper send off. In a season that should be dedicated to one of the game’s greatest shortstops, a single day of remembrance may not do him justice.

During the ceremony, Jeter was given a number of gifts, including a generous $222,222 donation to Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation. The Yankees also sent the captain off in style with a trip to Tuscany and a personal massage machine.

Among the thousands of people in attendance, those of special interest included Jeter’s childhood idol, Michael Jordon, as well as a Cal Ripken Jr. Many of the retired Yankee greats were there to pay their respects to someone joining their ranks soon.

All the acclaim and attention during the final year of his career is obviously warranted for the 14 time MLB All-Star. Having spent his entire career with the Yankees, Jeter has been the captain of the team for more than a decade. Jeter has accrued more than 1,301 runs batted in during his 20 year career, while accumulating five gold gloves for his effort in the field. The all-star has also won five World Series championships, all with the Yankees, being named MVP of the 2000 World Series.

Jeter’s day at the plate yielded a hit and a walk, but the Yankees fell to the Royals, 2-0. With the Yankees still 4 games outside of a wild card bid, the loss was one they wish they could have back. But, even given the result, most will remember the day as the day Derek Jeter was given a proper send off from Yankee Stadium. Rest assured, it is a day that the future hall of famer will not forget either.

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