Development in Buena Vista

The charming, historic Buena Vista neighborhood in Miami, Florida has always been a popular spot for families and celebrities to visit and call home. Developers have decided to capitalize on the longstanding popularity of the area and create new options for tourists, visitors, and vacationers to enjoy during their stay.

Buena Vista is full of Art Deco style houses. Back in the 1800s, these homes were built to show the rising social status of their inhabitants. Their unique design sets them apart from other architecture and has been a major selling point for those looking to invest in a piece of real estate in the area. Madonna, among others, was formerly a longtime resident of Buena Vista, near Dade County.

Developers are looking to erect more of these quaint structures while maintaining the cozy charm that makes Buena Vista special. A planned luxury bed and breakfast will have cottages for its patrons that retain the same design as houses in the area. It is a mixed-use project that will also include a wellness center, shopping area, and restaurants. Designed by Michael Aviv, the enhancement to Buena Vista is meant to spark even more interest in the area that has been begun by the numerous dining and shopping options built in the nearby Design District (designed by Craig Robins). Buena Vista will retain its “bohemian” style compared to its neighbors while enjoying the same popularity and business.

Buena Vista has always been an attractive location. It has year round beautiful weather perfect for sunbathing or simply getting some much needed fresh air. There is no shortage or beaches, and celebrities such as Britney Spears and Craig Robins are often seen enjoying the easy access to the water both in Buena Vista and Miami Beach. Others, like Roger Federer, pop in for a relaxing stop before heading to the nearby Disney World. There are many activities for those who desire rest, sun, excitement, or adventure.

Since its initial founding, Buena Vista has been a hub for those wishing to settle in a lovely, warm and charming area. The recent push for development in the area will only add to its long list of impressive offerings, and there is no doubt its popularity is about to skyrocket even further.

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