Famous New York Skyscraper Must Sees

There is no question that New York has a mind-boggling array of sights to take in, but the most awe-inspiring ones are the breathtaking skyscrapers. Towering over the city, these behemoths are sparkling testaments of man’s quest to reach the sky.

The Empire State Building:

Owned by the Empire State Reality Trust(ESRT), this building has maintained its allure since 1930. Standing 1,454 feet above the city, it boasts the title of the eighth wonder of the world. You could climb the 1,860 steps, but if that seems a bit daunting, there are also 73 elevators to the 102 floor. There are observation decks on the 86th and 102nd floors, but there is also a private deck atop the building on the 103rd floor which is actually the mast on top of the tower. Most of the deck is only surrounded by a knee-high wall, so of course, it is not open to the public. Some celebrities have been guests on the 103rd-floor deck like Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande, who have both posted photos of the stunning view below them.

432 Park Avenue:

Positively THE address to have in New York, this magnificent 1,396-foot building has quite a humorous tale behind it. The owner, Harry Macklowe, admits that for all its complexities, the design for the building was actually inspired by a waste paper basket. Home to such influential people like David Chu, founder of Nautica Sportswear, it contains 104 luxury condos. Although it is one of the tallest buildings in New York, it had to be built in a space less than a city block. This resulted in the building being narrower than a basketball court at only 93 feet wide.

8 Spruce Street:

This is another must see. The wavy (aqua) building was designed by none other than Frank Gehry. One unique feature of this building is the school that occupies the first five floors. Owned by Forest City Ratner, this 870-foot building is truly a work of art.

There is no more thrilling experience than ascending to the top of one of these giants and seeing the city laid out below, looking like a tiny model town. With so many skyscrapers to explore, visitors will have their heads in the clouds in no time.

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