Great City of New York Venturers

Have you ever thought what to do if you have won the prize and made it in New York? This is a story of people of all races, age, sex, and faces who made it and now want to pass it on. Some are teachers, some are artists, some are businessmen like Herb Allen, but they are all eager to present your ideas to their venture companies situated in New York. They are presented with their names. If you would like to learn more about their work, do some research on their companies and find out they believe in.

Rob Chandra

Not only does he have the knowledge, but he can also pass it on. He believes in young minds and their ideas. Although he was brought up in the USA, he actively participated in the ventures of bringing the USA closer to his country of origin, India. He likes to read, which means that images are created in his imagination rather than by the media.

Alex Katz

He paints what he sees in the simplest, but most charming way. His colors are bright and predict bright future even when it is raining, you are crying or there are thorns on the way. There is no room for pity, just hope for a better tomorrow. You do not need to be an art critic to know that his exibits are something you would like to take your children to.

Amish Jani

He believes in start-ups, so if you have an idea which is sustainable and original and you are inspired for great deeds, he might be your chance. The money is there, but the lack of ideas about where to turn the ship is what is missing. In the great city of New York no one will ask you about your origin and beliefs, just your contribution to the world.

Manuel A. Henriquez

People who know him say he stands for private equity, helping children and young people. His work is continuous, if nothing else, and he has put all his efforts in good causes. He started in Santo Domingo, Dominicana, with a wish of big city and neon lights. He made it there thanks to the images of his home country.

Hilary Gosher

Takes to be something of a kind to get to the point where you decide what needs to be done and where money should be invested. She is definitely built of strong material. When you see her, she radiates with authority in an approachable way. Her words are that she believes in women in private equity.

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