Heading to the Hamptons?

Trying to get out of the Big Apple, but don’t want to go too far? The Hamptons is the spot for you then. Whether you want to see or more like stalk Kourtney, Scott and Khloe or go on a vacation and get a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Hamptons is your savior. The Hamptons is about the who’s who and the best places in town. You don’t want to arrive and not know what is going on, so we have a hotel suggestion for you.

Ruschmeyer’s is a hidden or not so hidden gem on the Hamptons. This hotel has the perfect vibe of swanky, comfort and chill. Ruschmeyer’s has a great spirit about it, which makes sense since it is one of Ed Scheetz’s Chelsea Hotels. This hotel was originally built in 1952 and had the feel of a nautical summer camp, but since the 50’s the hotel has been renovated to stay up to date.

Ruschmeyer’s has cabin-inspired guestrooms, an area called The Magic Garden that is in the center of all the guestrooms where there are picnic tables, hammocks and grills and much more. The Magic Garden promotes the community to come together and gather in one place, which is a great idea compared to a hotel lobby. Ruschmeyer’s also has tons of activities for all guests to enjoy including yoga, paddle boarding, fishing, and lawn games.

Are you a foodie and looking for a delicious meal? Ruschmeyer’s even has an amazing restaurant on its property that has the culinary team from The Smile in Manhattan. The restaurant will open May 22nd, but will start taking reservations May 1st, you don’t want to miss out! Whether you want a delicious dinner or brunch on Saturday and Sunday, Ruschmeyer’s has the freshest ingredients in Montauk to offer you.

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