Inside the Empire State Building

There’s something so incredible about New York City’s Empire State Building, because more than four million people every year walk through its famous doors to look inside. The impressive landmark is simply majestic at 103 stories tall and takes up real estate on Fifth Avenue between 33rd and 34th Streets. The Empire State Building remains NYC’s tallest building after the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Lots to Explore Inside

One could never be bored walking around the interior of this beloved skyscraper which stands proudly in the heart of New York City. From the newly renovated art deco lobby to the amazing historical exhibits, there is much to behold. There are digital displays, sculptures and just about every fact one would like to learn about the Empire State Building and how it was engineered and constructed.

Two Iconic Observation Decks

The main deck of the Empire State Building is located on the 86th floor, featuring the highest open air observatory in New York. This deck is wrapped around the elegant spire which offers visitors 360-degree views of New York and points beyond.The top deck is found on the 102nd floor inside this striking skyscraper. On a clear day, one can almost see forever, in up to 80 miles away. The top deck allows for stunning photography and never disappoints.

Celebrity Magnet on Deck

So many famous faces have toured the Empire State Building, happy to snap photos at the famous observation deck, where many movies and television scenes have set the romantic mood and pace of life.
A few of these celebrities have included, Celine Dionne; Ariana Grande; Andrea Bocelli; Cast of “Glee;” Blue Man Group; Dario Franchitti; David Muir; Elizabeth Hurley, Ed Sheeran; Adrian Grenier and Christie Brinkley.

Best Light Show in Town

The tower lights of the ESRT (Empire State Building) keep every eye enthralled, as these colorful images change often throughout the year to celebrate and honor various occasions and organizations. Since 1976 when the tower lights began the famous tradition of changing colors, the magnificent skyscraper has since developed a sophisticated, computer-driven LED light system. The system is now capable of displaying 16 million colors, which can change instantaneously. Visiting the Empire State Building is a must-see for anybody on the planet who makes their way to Manhattan. In one word, it’s spectacular!

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