Marc Jacobs Closes NYFW with a Bang

The final event of the Mercedes-Benz Spring 2015 Fashion-Week Show held in New York City on September 11, 2014 was a blast. Among the highlights were iconic moguls in fashion, including Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren, Diane Von Furstenberg and many others.


Never one to disappoint, Marc Jacobs finished the show in grandeur. His runway themed a dream-like atmosphere, tweaked with Beats by Dre audio headphones at every seat and a relatable story.

No Make-Up, Resonating Beauty
Jacobs’ army-inspired fashion line was an epitome of simplicity. His army of models wore no make-up, comfortable shoes and an eclectic range of modest accessories. In the background, well-deck-out in bold pink, a windowless, Pepto-Bismol-of-a-house was erected center stage as models showcased the Marc Jacobs Spring collection.

Marc Jacobs Holistic Hairstyle Approach
Models at the show assumed new identities. All of them wore black bowl-cut wigs, which complemented the army garments in a profound way. Models strutted down the catwalk fearless and proud. The bowl-cut hairstyle complemented their garden-fresh, glowing skin. They all assumed the conformist role, modeling neutral shades of maroon, olive, blush, khaki or navy. A vast assortment of the outfits branded Jacob’s signature gargantuan buttons. The show was full of atmosphere as emotions surged to reach the peak of serenity. It goes to show that there’s no consistency in fashion. Any idea executed well has a shot at greatness. The history behind the looks is riveting and relatable.

Marc Jacobs Spring Collection Transcends Modern Fashion
Marc Jacobs, in his idealistic world has done a personal best at the 2014 NYC Fashion Week extravaganza. The fantasy added something new and creative to the era, but the looks animated were as real as it gets. The designer did an extraordinary job reinventing forgotten fashion to give it a place in the modern world, where luxury and decorum have been interwoven. He has expended creative freedom to architecture a Barbie-like world. It was a feminine themed event. Jacobs staged a chapter in fashion, which was the essence of a simpler life.


Faces among his walkers included the likes of the infamous Kendall Jenner and other prolific models. The first set of looks included military outfits, which ranged from cropped pants to mini dresses. Next, the platform saw the likes of slouchy dresses, pants and bejeweled jumpsuits fashioned in softer tones of cream, brown, etc. Everything was military as if the armory was not enough gesture. Jacobs’s creations resonated freedom and independence in a peculiar way. The story ignited different worlds of fashion.

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