The Miami Design District Has Become the Place to See and to Be Seen At

The Miami Design District is one of the shining jewels of the sunshine state. It symbolizes a wonderful synergy which nobody could have ever planned for. Like much of the artistic works showcased within the district the area is the result of spontaneous creativity that was in the right place at the right time. The area had been known as Buena Vista until the mid-90s. Buena Vista shares the same general history as many other out of the way parts of a city. There were light construction and growth, but changing social and economic factors emptied it out over time. What isn’t so common are the events which followed. The late 90s saw a gradual influx of art related businesses which needed space to grow. The economic status of the area was a perfect fit for the artistic community.

As the art scene in the area grew so did public interest. This led to rapid renovation and improvement to the area’s infrastructure. Sidewalks were improved, greenery was planted and public spaces were created which allowed for relaxed enjoyment of the area. This improvement was later followed by a more firmly directed influx of artistic talent. At some point it had ceased to be Buena Vista and had instead become Craig Robins’s Miami Design District.

The Miami Design District would continue to highlight what happens when the right idea happens at exactly the right time. The rise of a creative hub would soon attract a wide variety of businesses that focus on products that define quality within their industry. These world class designers includes Louis Vuitton, Prada and Tom Ford. High quality dining soon saw the same appeal as the high quality fashion designers. Artistically superb cuisine of all types quickly became a possibility for anyone who wanted to combine fine dining with fine art.

It’s little wonder that celebrities have felt drawn to the area as well. Some, like Kate Hudson, find their way to the district for social events. Her trip to the Chrome Hearts showcased how well the warm weather complimented a fantastic wardrobe. The famous designers will of course have friends who can be expected to attend a party. Such was the case when Miranda Kerr dropped by to attend a party thrown by Louis Vuitton.

The Wall Lounge has become particularly notable for the amount of celebrity guests who’ve shown up for events. Notable names include Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. And of course there are a number of famous regulars who are constantly seeing the sights of the Miami Design District. Zoe Kravitz might be seen in a professional capacity or simply enjoying the scenery.

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