The Miami Design District Is Experiencing Exciting Growth

The Miami Design District is one pf the most exciting areas to shop and relax in the world. Located in Buena Vista, Florida, this up and coming area has big plans in the works right now. If you have been wondering if you should stop in then think no more and act now. Phase III of the construction plan is scheduled to be done in 2017. The new section is going to feature many new retail stores, an art plaza, and plenty of space for visitors to take in all of the sights.

Another feature that is being added to the area is the Institue of Contemporary Art Miami. This new building will be located on 41st street. It is being built by Araguren & Gallegos a Spanish architectural company. The Miami Design District is on its way up from humble beginnings. It is now an eighteen block area the features over sixty boutiques and restaurants. It covers over 700,000 feet and is a blend of a variety of both private and commercial endeavors.

Developer Craig Robin saw potential in an area of Buena Vista, FL fifteen years ago. This vision would soon become one of the hottest destination in the world. The small and somewhat quaint area was transformed into a hub for some of the world’s leading retailers, designers, art galleries, and fine dining restaurants. Many celebrities can be seen in the Miami Design District including Michelle Berstein, Laura Lynn Stark, and Kate Hudson. On any given day you might just bump into a celebrity doing exactly the same things that you would be doing if you come experience this must-see hub of art, fashion, and food. Every day in the Design District is an exciting experience that you will not soon forget. If you haven’t made a plan to visit yet then you should start making a plan to come visit the Miami Design District right away.

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