New York City: Home Of The Best Chocolate

If you are in the heart of New York City and looking for a sweet treat or place to buy chocolates for you or your loved ones, you’re definitely in the right place. New York City has several options for you to choose from, and you will be sure to have satisfied your chocolate craving.

Starting with the oldest, Li-Lac is one of the most well known chocolate shops. Located in the West Village, this shop has delicious indulging sweet treats and is popular for their fudges and fine confections. You will not be disappointed in this fabulous chocolate shop!

Another great chocolate shop would be Jaques Torres, who has multiple locations including one right near the Rockefeller Center. They also own an outpost that serves ice cream! The rich chocolates here are quite the delicacy, with varieties like creme brûlée and champagne truffles. This upscale shop is definitely a popular one!

Another oldie in the heart of New York City is Aigner Chocolates. For eighty five years, they’ve been whipping up extravagant unique varieties of chocolates. These include Viennese truffles and foiled hens. Why the funny names, you ask? This is an Austrian/German chocolate shop owned by a native himself, John Aigner. Gummies, coffees and sugar free chocolates are also available at this unique chocolate shop.

And lastly, there is the widely known Mast Brothers. Crafted in Williamsburg, these expensive chocolate bars and delectable to say the least. The experience itself can be grand if you schedule a tour where they will explain how they create the chocolate from raw cocoa. This chocolate shop is a very popular one.

No matter where you decide to visit, you will certainly enjoy the chocolate and will have many options to purchase gifts for your friends and family- ones that they will certainly remember, that’s for certain!

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