NYC Executives

New York City has one of the highest annual per capita incomes in the world today. Many people think that making it in New York City is easy, which is why so many people move to New York City. However, New York City has a ton of ruthless business people that mean to do people harm. On the other hand, there are also some very wildly successful executives that have a high net worth in New York City such as Herb Allen of Allen & Company. Donald Trump is one great example of a person that has used the power of New York City to make a fortune.

Donald Trump is one of the best real estate moguls in the world. Donald Trump was able to amass a huge fortune through hard work and persistence in the real estate market of New York City. There are literally millions of transactions that happen concerning real estate every year in New York City and Donald Trump was able to rise himself above it all to make a name for himself that is literally known around the world today. Donald Trump conducts a lot of charity now instead of focusing solely on business.

Michael Bloomberg is another individual from New York City with a high net worth. Michael Bloomberg was actually the mayor of New York City and implemented many changes within the city that made the city better. New York City will never be the same again as far as crime and influence go, all because of the contributions of Michael Bloomberg. However, for both Donald Trump and for Michael Bloomberg much of their success can be attributed to the face that New York City has a lot of potential to make a fortune for those that are willing to take a chance and work for it.

Overall, there are literally millions of people around the world with a high net worth. However, New York City has a much higher concentration due to the amount of economic activity, great infrastructure, and high amounts of educated people in New York City. New York City will continue to grow in the future in both total economic input and influence within the United States and the world and it will be interesting to see how many more millionaires New York City creates.

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