NYC Music Bands to Know

NYC Music Bands to Know

For those looking for the latest and greatest trends in the New York City music scene, there are a number of talented, up-and-coming faces to become familiar with. Even in a sea of music though, there are a few white caps that stand out among all the rest. Some of these cresting acts include:

An intercontinental band made up of members from England, Germany, and the United States, Haerts is an independent pop group whose sound has a heavy dose of synthesizer. While they only have a single EP of their own out at the moment, Haerts has toured with Washed Out, as well as with the popular group the Shout Out Louds. According to the band they’re in New York City to stay, and have no intention of moving out to Los Angeles no matter how successful they get. Brutal winters and heckling crowds are just part of the scenery, and they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

What originally begun as a solo recording project by Zachary Cole Smith (the former guitarist from the Beach Fossils for those who recognize the name), DIIV has metamorphosed into something very different than it was originally supposed to be. Now a quintet that’s hitting some of the bigger hole-in-the-wall clubs in the city’s indy scene (the first show they played was the Monster Island Basement in Williamsburg, and it doesn’t look like DIIV is going back there again), the band is also working on its second, as-of-right-now untitled EP.

New York City is a famous melting pot of styles and voices, and it’s always been a celebrated home for hip hop. Le1f was one of a thousand other new voices, but thanks to his success with mixtapes like Fly Zone (released in 2013) he’s now easily recognized as one of the latest generation that’s leading the charge. With a distinctive sound that combines smooth R&B vocals with more than a hint of trance beats, Le1f is not going to be mistaken for anything or anyone else. While Le1f fully admits that paying rent in New York City is the hardest thing about being a musician (even an up and coming one), he says he’d never even think about going somewhere else. After all, where else can you just walk out your door and be face to face with so many different cultures and arts? Nowhere else in the world, if you ask Le1f.

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