Having Your Office In One Of New York City’s Famous Buildings

New York City has many iconic skyscrapers, and many of these buildings contain office space for a variety of different companies. Some examples of these buildings are The Empire State Building, The One World Trade Center, Brookfield Place, and The Chrysler building. However, it is not cheap to have your offices in one of these iconic structures. In fact, expect to pay a sizable sum of money to lease the space. The prices vary between the different iconic structures, but they tend to be quite high.

One very iconic New York City building is The Empire State Building. This building has a great deal of office space inside of it, and is primary owned by Anthony Malkin. The Empire State Building has offices for a variety of different companies. The cost of renting office space in the Empire State Building tends to be around 50 dollars per square foot. It is also possible to have a fairly lengthy lease of five to ten years. Another building that you can rent offices in is The One World Trade Center. The cost of renting in this building tends to be around 70 dollars a square foot. The offices are available on a variety of different floors of the building. Another example of an iconic building that you can rent an office in is

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