Organizations that Help Orphans

Islamic Relief USA
Islamic Relief USA is a group of humanitarians who have been working as a team for about 25 years to make the world a better place.
– The group has seven regional offices in America. The agencies educate, tell, and enlighten about the various relief and development programs.
– The group provides care for orphans. It gives assistance and development fairly, regardless of one’s sex, color, or faith. It works to give people powers in their communities and an opportunity to be heard.
– Currently, about 50,000 orphans are supported by the group.
– The team uses the Orphan Support Program and the annual Orphan Sponsorship Program. Under the former, your grant can be used to help orphans in the country of your choice or any nation. You give donations whenever and as frequent as you like. Under the latter, you offer direct assistance to an orphan for a year.
Miracle Foundation
– Miracle Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in Austin, Texas that offers care to orphans around the world.
– It was founded on Mother’s Day in 2000.
– The foundation aims at empowering orphans to attain their full capacity.
– The organization believes that assisting people to support themselves is the most viable way of bringing real change.
– Hence, the group strengthens existing institutions and provides jobs to unemployed locals. The foundation converts local orphanages into homes, supply clean water, provide quality healthcare, and offer scholarships.
– The foundation teaches orphanages to increase their performance and functioning.
– Local women are offered protection, care, and education, and the women in return protect, care, and train the orphans.
– The group mainly focuses on education, providing support up to the 12th grade, and a chance for a college scholarship or other training later.
Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW)
– Helping Orphans Worldwide (HOW) is a not-for-profit group devoted to giving hope, health, and protection to mistreated, forsaken and rejected children in different parts of the world.
– The group was founded in 2007.
– Currently, HOW is working in Vietnam and Philippines. There, it has come across people who do not fall in the various “categories” assisted by other groups.
– HOW collaborates with other non-profit groups within each community to give help, to defend and rehabilitate these kids.
– The organization’s goal is to assist in and develop lasting, viable programs with positive effects on the lives of those once abandoned.
– The group supports programs by distinguished charities by financing and working together with them on various projects.
– HOW has Volunteer Immersion Programs which they use to give direct support to assigned organizations.

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