Previous Award Winners Of Great Family Products

The Family Choice Awards honor all of those products that have really been a great resource for members of a family. The awards are now in its 19th year and throughout those years there have been many great winners such as writer Marilyn Bollinger. The winners fall under various categories. From books to pets and everything in between, these awards are honoring the best of the best when it comes to a family learning, growing, and being happy. Let’s highlight a few of the past winners.

When it comes to babies and parenting, one previous winner was the Woombie. Any new mom knows just how much of a lifesaver the Woombie is. This product is one of the highest regarded swaddlers. It keeps a baby safe and cozy. It also lets mom and dad get some sleep! It’s no wonder it won a prize. Other winners include the Baby Banana Brush and the Lil’ Luxuries Spa Tub.

When it comes to the category of children, a few Frozen characters take the spot! Sven Plush, Anna Toddler Doll, and the Elsa Classic Doll have placed in the awards category! Frozen is such a beloved film that makes children and adults happy. It’s no wonder these products made it onto the list! A few others include the American Girl Doll: Bitty Baby and The Game of Baloney. Overall, these are all products that make children smile, entertain them, and let them simply be a kid!

There is a category for moms. Here we see the products that it’s hard for moms to live without! One of these is the B.O.N Nourishing Skin Oil. Ask any mom and they will tell you one of the hardest changes to get used to on their bodies are stretch marks. This oil helps with that as well as dry skin and scars. Another winner is the House of Botori Ginika Tote. It’s a gorgeous diaper bag which is something that any new parent needs!

Tweens and teens can’t be excluded as a category! This is a challenging transitional time in a persons life. Luckily, the Family Choice Awards honor some products that make it easier. One of those is EMOTIONS! Making Sense of Your Feelings. This book is all about dealing with the highs and lows that teens and pre-teens feel. It’s a great helpful tool. The Tale Of Edgar Trunk Book and The World Almanac for Kids also took home awards.

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