Spectacular Vistas from East to West


Spectacular Vistas from East to West

Across the United States, a vast array of exploration and incredible journeys await hikers of all levels. Starting in the east, New Hampshire and Virginia offer variations in climate and terrain. South Dakota, with its abundance of lakes and forests provides serene, blissful retreats. Travelling south to Arizona, the world famous Grand Canyon enthralls worldly hiking enthusiasts. Finally, culminating in the west, Washington’s breathtaking mountain views captivate with majestic and euphoric splendor.

1. Mount Washington, New Hampshire – highest elevation 6,288 feet
As the highest peak in the Northeast, Mount Washington offers hiking and alpine climbing. In spite of its reputation as one of the most dangerous small mountain hikes and some of the world’s worst weather conditions, over a quarter million people flock to the area annually, drawn by the rugged conditions and incredible scenery.

2. Appalachian Trail, Virginia – highest elevation 5,729 feet
The Appalachian Trail spans fourteen U.S. states and 2,185 miles. The best panoramic views and remote hikes are in Virginia ranging from a few miles to over 200 covering 37 State Parks and the Shenandoah National Park. Millions visit the area for the family friendly facilities, the guided tours, and the rugged terrain.

3. Black Hill National Forest, South Dakota – highest elevation 7,242 feet
With more than 450 miles of hiking systems on 75 different trails stretching over 1.2 million acres, Black Hill National Forest provides some of the most uncrowded hikes in the country. Variations in topography, rock formations, hills, gorges, and waterways are the backdrop to this natural wonderland.

4. The Grand Canyon, Arizona – highest elevation 6,608 feet
This national treasure attracts 6 million visitors annually. Breathtaking beauty, treacherous climbs, unique geography, diverse flora and fauna, and its historical significance captivate and fascinate the novice as well as the warrior hiker. Guided hikes and tours are recommended for beginners.

5. Pacific Northwest Trail – Washington – highest elevation 7,751 feet
The 1200-mile hiking trail is an official National Scenic Trail, maintained by the Department of Agriculture. As one of the world’s most scenic trails, views of the Olympic Mountain Range and Mount Rainier add to the splendor. Numerous rugged trails intertwine through the valleys, cascading rivers, and peaks. Few hikers visit this area, and thus this work in progress remains a magnificent location for isolated trips.

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