Surpassing Retail: Camana Bay’s Farmers Market

Equal parts authentic local shopping and entertainment, the weekly Farmers & Artisans Market features all sorts of local produce, unique gifts, handmade jewelry and crafts, and more–all grown and made in Cayman, of course.

The weekly shaded oasis offers local artists and entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their products, as well as a quality taste of genuine island fare and baubles for locals and tourists alike, making it some of the best quality shopping in Grand Cayman (full list of shops).

Aside from deliciously fresh produce (think mango and sugar cane), the market is a great opportunity to pick up some specialty foods like jellies, teas or seasonings or skincare products and soaps as easy-to-transport gifts for friends back at home. It’s also a great time to chat up some local purveyors for some closer integration into Caymanian life and culture.

If that is your forte, you would also want to stay the afternoon to see some of the artists’ crafting demonstrations–everything from thatch weaving to conch shell blowing–coupled with live music and plenty of traditional games.

Offerings at the market change regularly–adding to the charm–so you can count on fresh and seasonal produce as well as new ideas each week. Though plenty of the vendors sell food (like fresh fruit smoothies!), the market is in a quality location to spend the afternoon without having to leave to go eat. The Paseo is lined with cafes and restaurants to stop in for a little sustenance and fountains for refreshing breezes.

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