The Brilliance of the Empire State Building Lights

The Empire State Building has always been an important symbol for New York City, and this couldn’t be truer with the lighting system it has acquired. Towering over NYC, the Anthony Malkin skyscraper illuminates spectacular displays of light for the city to behold. The new LED panels that have been installed help usher in a new era of greatness for the Big Apple. Though LED lights have become a common technology, combining them with the great tower that every New Yorker recognizes, a new sense of amazement has been created.

Beginning A Tradition-

In 1976 The Empire State Building had its first change of color. For the Bicentennial celebration of the United States the building was lit in red, white, and blue. These original fixtures required a high amount of energy and manpower, but helped begin a tradition that still goes on today. Since 1976 the building has changed its colors at various times to represent significant events. These original large bulb fixtures allowed up to 9 different colors to be shown upon the exterior walls. They were large and bulky bulbs which also required a lot of manpower and energy to run.

A New Face-

It was decided that in 2012 the time was right to give the landmark skyscraper a new look. The old light fixtures were replaced with new LED panels. These new LED panels allowed for more efficient energy consumption, less manpower, and more versatility in the effects the lights could produce. Instead of the original 9 colors that could be used, the new lights could produce 16 million different hues.

New Possibilities-

These new fixtures could had the ability not only to save energy, but to produce images on the outside of the tower as well. One excellent example of this effect was when the famous building produced images of Kali, the goddess of darkness. Many other lighting events have taken place, and are in the works currently. A calendar of all the lighting events may be seen at the Empire State Building Experience website, here.

Continuing the Tradition-

The Empire State Building has always been seen as a symbol of hope and inspiration for the city. These updated lights illuminate the building and show this fact perfectly as the tower continues to keep up with the evolving world around it. Standing tall against the skyline of the city, the skyscraper shines powerful images for New Yorkers and visitors alike to see.

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