Top Technology Companies Based in NYC

Top Technology Companies Based in NYC

New York City has a reputation as a place where the best and brightest come together to create truly amazing things. This is true of music, art, and technology. While there are a lot of high profile businesses in New York City, its technology companies like these that remain notable stand outs:

One of the big names, when it comes to technology, in New York City is AppNexus. This company focuses on the massive advertising marketplace that is the Internet, and it provides software and technology to companies who want to focus their advertising success rates. Powered by a sophisticated cloud network and financed by some of the biggest names in technology, including Microsoft, AppNexus is a presence in the NYC technology scene.

Information Builders
Located at 2 Penn Plaza, Information Builders is a company that doesn’t mess around when it sets goals for itself. With revenue in the hundreds of millions, this firm focuses on creating business intelligence and integration software. What does that mean? That the technology that this company creates is meant to act like sandpaper, smoothing out all of the bumps in the road so that everything, from the needs of management to the demands of customers all takes place in a single, simple machine with as few errors as possible.

While a little on the obscure side for most people, the mission of Lotame is one that only New York City could have inspired. The company’s goals are, in short, to turn social media into a revenue stream. Lotame Crowd Control, the major software this company created and the most common one it’s known for, takes all of the data and identifies patterns and niches so that those who fall into certain areas see advertising that’s more likely to appeal to them. That might not sound like much, but judging from the increases in the company’s revenue stream it’s quite a significant achievement.

Media 6 Technologies
While its name might not be synonymous with New York City, it really should be. A company that focuses on using technology to promote effective advertising it’s developed quite a reputation over the years. According to the company it eschews many forms of older, more traditional thinking and focuses instead on solutions for reaching brand loyalists and strong, online followings. That sounds fairly simple, but Media 6 has made an art form out of this simple science.

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