The Top Ten Places to Visit While in Miami’s Design District

Shopping, dining or sightseeing in the Miami Design District is a great way to savor the old Miami experience while mingling with celebrities and the like. This historic area, referred to as the “Design District,” was designed for the shopping and pleasure of celebrities, catering to high-end merchandise and exquisite dining experiences.

Miami’s Design District top ten list

Tourist often come to this area to catch a glimpse of stars that frequent the area. Celebrities such as Madonna, Owen Wilson, Donald Trump, Craig Robins, Sylvester Stallion and Cassie Ventura all have been spotted coming out of one of the Design Districts’ fine venues. These are the top ten locations that tourist can visit in Miami’s Design District where they might fun into a celebrity or two.

1. The Moore Building
Located in the center of the district, this furniture store room was built in 1921 for the legendary Moore and Sons. As one of the most widely known establishments, the building sports an elegant central atrium that leads to four levels of arcaded spaces, each catering to different tastes and ambiances.

2. The Haitian Heritage Museum
This non-profit organization highlights and preserves the culture and heritage of Haiti, providing a cultural Mecca within the community where people from all over the world can come to experience the encompassing Haitian music, art, films, historic artifacts and literary selections.

3. Buena Vista Chocolate & Wine
Situated next to the Buena Vista Bistro and Buena Vista Deli, this breathtaking establishment offers sweet treats and truffles made from ancient french recipes that include ingredients like saffron, lavender and curry.. The family-owned business has been producing these unique chocolates for seven consecutive generations, and in addition to these succulent chocolates, they also known for housing difficult to locate wines

4. De La Cruz Collection Contemporary Art Space
This personal collection of Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz is on display for public viewing in the three-story building that designed by artist John Marquette personally. The collection is based around international contemporary artistry, with project rooms that rotate their displays frequently.

5. Laduree
As an expert in the French Art de Vivre, this venue was the first tea salon ever to exist in Paris back in 1862. This international brand is renowned for its homage paid to Parisian heritage that delivers savoir faire with each and every experience, regardless of location.

6. Swampspace
Launched by the renowned artist Oliver Sanchez in 2005, this venue continuously delivers unique visual art experience where various artist like Ocean Drives Magazine Brett Sokol gather and perform. Regarded as ‘Miami’s Best Kept Art Secret,’ the Knight Foundation has recognized the Swampspace for their contributions to the arts that art enthusiasts cannot get enough of.

7. B Sweet Coffee Shop
This restaurant serves uniquely named dishes such as Hold me Tight, Keep Dreaming and Have a Spiedie Day, which adds to the family-oriented ambiance. Visitors can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner while flourishing in the relaxing environment.

8. Paradise Plaza
This multi-level establishment is undergoing some major renovations. This exotic renovation will bring some well-known brands to the area, as well as introduce a few new brands as well.

9. The Cypress Tavern
This all-American grill and bar offers classic brasserie fare that offers an elevated and classy atmosphere. Headed by the James Beard Award-winning chef. Michael Schwartz, the menu combines simplicity with elegance for a memorable experience and a tasteful meal that makes customers return again and again for more.

10. Gavanna
This nightclub features exciting lighting, upbeat music and rotated DJs to keep the excitement high. Guests are encouraged to stop by, have a drink and join in one of the many dance parties in this popular hangout spot.

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