Transforming Miami’s Fine Dining

Finding harmony between art, music, history, design, shopping and eateries is no easy task while in Miami. The endless options make it difficult for a visitor to feel accustomed to the deeper culture that the city has to offer. Miami is continuously gaining ground to be known as a shopping destination, what is starting to set it apart from others is the dining that is being paired with the customers experience.

While places such as South Beach and Downtown Miami will keep their reign as some of the most popular tourist destinations in Miami, it’s important to give an effort to see some of the more original parts of the city as well. Traveling north of Downtown you will find yourself in a new and revitalized area known as The Miami Design District. World class fashion can be found here featuring designers such as Burberry, Versace, Rolex, Marni and many more. This area of Miami will give a local or tourist of any caliber a unique Miami experience, paired with some of the best restaurants in Miami.

Cities like New York and Washington D.C. are constantly producing new varieties of dining experiences, and Miami is becoming associated with that list. What is transforming the dining experience in Miami? The mix of people expressing their cultural roots into these new and trendy spots. Later opening times, inventive drinks and small dishes are all popular trends happening in Miami’s biggest nightlife areas.  Specifically in the design district, finding a spot that fits your style will go a long way. Whether it’s a relaxed night out with friends or a dress to impress type of night, there’s a place for everyone in

Must Try District Restaurants

  • BSweet Coffee Shop (Perfect to start off your day)
  • Harry’s Pizzeria (Casual and laidback pizzeria atmosphere)
  • Mandolin Aegean Bistro (Mediterranean cuisine with an unforgettable atmosphere)
  • Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink (Top rated in all of Miami)


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