Types of Art You Can Buy in Miami

There are several types of art that you can buy in Miami. The first type of art is ceramics. Even though there are several places where you can get the ceramics, the best place to look is the Ceramic League of Miami. This is because there is a variety of different artists that display their ceramics in the gallery of the league. Some of the most famous artists are going to be Polo Ramirez, Lindemann Jr., and Anne Gordon-Vega.

The second type of art is paintings. Some of the most famous painters from Miami is George Linderman. You can find some of his paintings in the Yeelen Gallery because they are known for their social practice and realism. The Pan American Arts Project is also a great place to go see paintings that focus on artists that are from Central and South America. The Macaya Gallery features the arts that are known more for their colorful paintings. This is because it has a great contrast to the white walls of the gallery.

The third type of art is sculptures. The best place to find unique sculptures is the Bakehouse Art Complex. Most of the sculptures done here are done by the local artists and some of them work for the gallery full time. If you are looking for colorful pop art at a gallery, the artist is Romero Britto, who has his own gallery in Miami. Another place that people can find nice sculptures is the Avant Gallery. The gallery is located inside of the Epic Hotel. Here you will be able to find sculptures that are functional as well as beautiful in style.

The fourth type of art is photography. There are a lot of different art studios where you are going to be able to find photography. One of the best places is going to be the Center of Visual Communication. This is where a variety of different artists will hold exhibitions of their photography like the Everglade shoots. The Dina Mitran Gallery is another great place because collaborates with each one of her artists that come from all over the world to bring the best works to Miami. She has been a photographer herself for over 20 years so she knows what people in Miami are looking for.

These are the top four styles of art that can be found in Miami and the cities that surround Miami.

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