V.P.’s Of Goldman, Sachs Started Their Own Firm

Three men that were Vice Presidents of the Investment Firm Goldman, Sachs & Company, in the private clients sector-Mark Fife, Gregg Hymowitz, and Michael Horowitz, have left the investment firm to form their own investment firm-Entrust Capital Inc. Their firm will be working with wealthy clients as well as Taft-Hartley and Corporate pension funds, endowments, and foundations to invest and manage their money. Their new company will have three quarters of a million dollars in assets to manage from over one hundred and twenty-five clients. These clients were customers from their previous company-Goldman Sachs. The three investors were able to get annual returns rates internally of over 30% for the last six years which gave them commissions of fifteen million between the three of them that is why they feel strongly that they can continue at that pace if not better now that they have their own firm. The three investors have stressed to their clients that they will be working with them and for them personally to help make their investment and asset decisions. These three men have already personally invested a total of over two hundred million in equities investments and over five hundred million in securities that are fixed income investments. Currently they supervise over twelve billion dollars in total assets in their new company.

The team at EnTrust Capital has many years of alternative strategies experience in many different levels of asset investments in the financial world. The experience their professionals have is used towards investment management in areas such as operations, investor services, research, business development, and risk management. Entrust Capital is completely 100% owned by their employees because they invest just like they invest for their clients. They gather their information from their hedge fund managers to pass on to their clients, and invite all of their investors to speak directly to the Manager of their portfolio. Investors are welcome to communicate directly with the Portfolio Manager and come visit their office anytime they want to discuss any questions or information they may want. Risk management is at the top of their priorities when they choose their Portfolio managers. They have developed a risk monitoring system that is analytical-ARMS- to manage the risk for each manager as well as at the hedge funds level of investing. EnTrust makes sure their Risk Management includes monitoring on a daily basis and analyzing their material positions in their portfolios.

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